bodvattnet trail

The Bodvattnet Nature Trail can be accessed from the seaside road, with the boat piers and boathouses in the harbour to your right. The first part of the trail runs through Bodback, which is also a populated residential area.  Back in the 1920s, Bodback was Björkö’s most important fishing and shipping harbour with about a hundred boathouses. In Bodback, there are monuments to the postal delivery service and the march of the Russian army across Kvarken during the Finnish War (1808-1809). While climbing the hill at Bodback, you can admire the old picturesque grey storehouses and boathouses by the waterfront. Along the trail you may also spot Highland cattle on the pasture.


3 Facts:

  • Unesco World Heritage Site
  • Bodback museum site
  • Unique views opening up from the observation tower

Trail rating:



The trail is a suitable day trip destination for both novice and more seasoned hikers, and for children and adults alike. The beginning (1 km) and end (800 m) of the trail are easy to walk and also suitable for those with pushchairs.


2-3 hours

Trail markings:

There is an information board at the trail’s starting point. The trail is clearly marked with ‘Bodvattnet runt’ signposts that have a nature trail sign and a blue sign on them. The blue markings will guide visitors at smaller trail crossroads.

Getting to the trail:

Svedjehamn parking area

Björköntie 1008
65870 Björköby (Korsholm)

The Bodvattnet Trail first runs along the longer Björkö-Panike Trail, but branches off to the left about 250 m from the parking area.

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