kalliomaanpolku-piispanpolku trail 6,4 km

The trail runs along the slopes of the Simpsiö quartzite hill, the nature and species of which differ from the usual forest nature in the area. The first and final legs of the trail wind through a reserve of herb-rich forest. The information boards tell you e.g. how many spiders can be found per hectare; what methods are used for observing air quality in forests; what methods helped keep milk fresher for longer in the old days, and what frightening circumstance was a reality on Simpsiö as late as the 18th century. There are several rest stops along the trail.


3 Facts:

  • Simpsiö reserve of herb-rich forest
  • Luonto-Simpsiö info boards
  • Several rest stops

Trail rating:



Suitable for hikers in good condition looking for a more challenging trail


about 3 to 4 h

Trail markings:

There are signposts along the trail as well as yellow markings for Kalliomaanpolku and red for Piispanpolku, respectively.

Getting to the trail:


Starting point 1
Simpsiö Ski Centre, lower parking area
Karhunmäentie 230 -> Simpsiönrinteentie 28 62100 Lapua

The ‘Luonto-Simpsiö’ sign shows the way from Simpsiönrinteentie Road to the starting point N62 57.324 E22 56.344, located at the furthest corner of the parking area of the ski centre.

Starting point 2
Ski lodge parking area
Urheilumajantie 28, 62100 Lapua

The ‘Luonto-Simpsiö’ sign shows the way from the parking area to an alternative starting point N62 57.775 E22 58.473, located at the end of the driveway leading to the ski lodge, behind the lean-to shelter and rest stop.

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