Pyhävuori - Lakeaharju 6,7 km

The Pyhäjärvi-Lakeaharju Hiking Trail offers lake landscapes in terrains of Lappajärvi, a crater lake created by the impact of a meteorite about 78 million years ago. The crater is surrounded by a bench rising to 100 m from the surface of the lake on the south-eastern shore of the lake, as a hogback consisting of the hills of Lakeaharju and Pyhävuori.


3 Facts:

  • Geologically significant rock formations
  • History and tradition
  • Pyhävuori 148 m above sea level

Trail rating:



Line segment route. Suitable as a day-trip destination for hikers in normal physical condition accustomed to walking in nature. 


About 3 h in one direction; back and forth 5 to 7 h (13.4 km).

Trail markings:

The trail is marked with yellow paint and with wooden signposts at the intersections.

Getting to the trail:

Starting point 1 - the eastern starting point/endpoint of the trail Lakeaharju (Vimpeli). Extension of Mäkeläntie Road (when arriving from Alajärvi), extension of Sepentiinintie Road (when arriving from Vimpeli) 
N63° 5.67392' E23° 49.66988'

Starting point 2 - the western starting point/endpoint of the trail Lakeaharju (Alajärvi). Turnaround of the forest road on the top of Pyhävuori. There is a large information board with a map and information at the starting point 
N63° 4.67411' E23° 44.15897'

Starting point 3 - in the middle of the line segment route. Kellaripuro (2 km from Pyhävuori in the direction of Lakeaharju). When the trail crosses Pyhälahdentie Road (Pyhälahdentie 826).
N63° 4.59656' E23° 45.46821'


Elina Järvinen

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